Timber Barns

Custom Wood Barn Design

We work with you to create a beautiful and functional backyard getaway

One of the most sought-after services we offer is custom timber barn design. Timber barns offer a wide range of uses, making them valuable additions to any property. Not only do they function as an aesthetically pleasing storage space for equipment, tools and supplies, these barns are also offer a creative space for workshops and art studios. Our clients also love having an all-season option for parties and family gatherings.

custom timber home interior

Timber Frame Shed and Garage Construction

Our skilled artisans carefully select premium wood, often opting for varieties, like white pine or Douglas fir, known for their strength and durability. We leverage our expertise in joinery and framing techniques to ensure structural integrity and longevity. Each component, from the handcrafted beams to the intricate trusses, is assembled with care. The result is a luxury barn that not only stands as an architectural marvel, but also functions flawlessly for its intended purpose.

Beyond Framing

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