Project Overview

The Timber Haven represents the pinnacle of luxury barn design, seamlessly blending traditional rustic elements with contemporary comforts. It is the ideal space for both safeguarding prized antique vehicles and creating lasting memories with friends and family in a welcoming and aesthetically captivating environment.

custom timber home exterior


  • Create serene loft retreat for relaxation and entertainment
  • Ample space for antique car collections and recreational vehicles
  • Specialized storage and maintenance areas

The Timber Haven is a visionary barn project that combines timeless craftsmanship with modern luxury, offering an opulent space for vehicles and a cozy upstairs retreat. This extraordinary timber frame barn blends the rustic charm of red lap siding, decorative stone, and a metal roof with the convenience of a roll-up garage door, spacious storage, and an exquisite loft area with patio seating.

A durable and weather-resistant metal roof adds a touch of industrial sophistication to the exterior, while rustic red lap siding and handcrafted stone accents evoke a sense of countryside charm, making it a true standout in any landscape. A large, roll-up garage door provides easy access for antique cars and recreational vehicles, ensuring secure storage and convenience.

The loft area is a welcoming living space adorned with a custom stone fireplace surrounded by cozy seating. Adjacent to the fireplace exists a versatile recreation area has been customized to suit various interests, from cards to pool to ping pong. The loft opens up to a spacious outdoor patio where friends and family can relax and take in the beautiful wooded surroundings.

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