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February 2, 2018

Reasons to Choose Timber Framing for Your New Home

Why Choose Timber Frame Home Construction?

When it comes to building your new house, remodeling your existing house, or even building an addition to your home such as a garage or great room, there are many options to choose from when it comes to framing. But what is timber framing and why should you choose it for your next home building project? Few materials measure up to the beauty and versatility of timber-framing. Here are a few benefits of choosing timber over other materials.


It’s easy to say that timber frames add beauty and distinction to any house project. Exposed posts and beams and timbered rafters immediately stand out as unique architectural details. Their strength and character stands out, often striking awe and fascination for any visitor. But it is the subconscious connection that is not always realized. An exposed timber structure is easy to interpret, and consequently allows people to “understand” the building easier, rather than when structural members are hidden behind drywall or skins of paneling. It’s what architects call “scale” – the connection of the inhabitant to the home – the opposite of towering skyscrapers of glass!


A timber frame is very versatile in that it allows you the ability to add materials to your building that enhance both thermal and acoustic performance. Timber frame construction allows you the ability to easily install materials outside the frame, uninterrupted that help insulate your home from outdoor sounds and temperature fluctuations, making it easier and less expensive to maintain a comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient interior environment.


Timber frames have demonstrated their ability to withstand hurricane force winds better than many other framing materials due to timber’s strength, and ability to flex and move with the forces of nature. Timber also offers the same durability and sturdiness of more rigid materials such as concrete or brick and will perform as good or better than these other materials over the lifespan of your house. By using a timber frame, you will be protecting your family and your valuables for many years to come.


Custom Timber Frames also have a place in the sustainability movement. Locally harvested timber that is used in an raw, non-dried state doesn’t require the embodied energy of kild-dried wood. Large timbers are also reusable as either salvaged timber or may be re-purposed into other building components later in its lifetime. This type of reuse can be very important when deciding what types of materials you use in a new home construction project.

While building with timbers can sometimes add to the cost of the project, the benefits of timber frames are clear and often add much more in value than any dollar figure can represent. Come explore our online portfolio and we are sure you’ll agree!


Custom Timber Frames origins are in Madison, WI. We engineer, design and fabricate all of our designs from our own facility where we handcraft raw logs into custom posts, beams and rafters to be joined together as the structural backbone for residential and commercial projects nationwide. If you are in the design process, contact us today! We ship and assemble nationwide.


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